Nanaimo tests sirens to alert residents of flood

NANAIMO – City is installing flood warning sirens as part of a short-term safety plan for the Colliery dams.

Flood warning sirens will be sounding this week as the City of Nanaimo tests its short-term safety plan for the Colliery dams.

Warning sirens are being installed in south Nanaimo as part of a new strategy to scale back potential hazards posed by the middle and lower Colliery dams. Low-level sounds tests will run until Friday (Dec. 20).

The system is one of several efforts the city is undertaking to alert residents and business owners in the Harewood area of an immediate flood risk if the century-old dams are compromised by an extreme rainfall or major quake. It was originally slated to be rolled out over October and November – with flood evacuation signs and information blitzes – but a key component was damaged and caused a delay, according to a city press release.

The new part has now been received, triggering the tests. More testing is expected early in the New Year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the City of Nanaimo at 250-754-4251 or by e-mail at