Nanaimo School District watering to protect assets

NANAIMO – Schools are following City of Nanaimo, Regional District of Nanaimo restrictions.

Nanaimo District and Dover Bay secondary school fields are being watered, but everything is in compliance with watering restrictions, says the school district.

The city is currently on Level 2 water restrictions, with lawn and gardening watering allowed twice per week.

Dale Burgos, school district spokesman, said irrigation systems have been turned off to all district gardens, boulevards and non-sports fields, but the multi-use fields are being watered as they are considered assets.

“We’ve worked with the City of Nanaimo and our policies on watering [are] similar to what they’re using right now and a lot of it has to do with protecting assets and a big asset in this school district is our fields that are used by the community,” he said.

Nanaimo District Secondary School is being watered by a well system and not the city water line, Burgos said.

Rob Zver, president of CUPE 606, which represents district education support workers, said activities such as power washing occurred earlier.

“We only power wash the schools that are really bad, but normally it’s before painting … and they would’ve been done before the end of June, before the second restriction came on, so most of that prep work would’ve been done. If we need to, they can always hold off on getting into some of the areas that they can later on,” said Zver.

The Regional District of Nanaimo is at Level 4. Burgos said schools in the regional district are abiding by restrictions.