Nanaimo school district projects increased enrolment

NANAIMO – Enrolment numbers still must be finalized by Ministry of Education.

Final student enrolment numbers for the school year have not been released but Nanaimo’s school district is projecting a slight increase.

The district is estimating that there will be about 12,833 students for 2013-14.

“We’re expecting around 7,500 elementary and 5,300 secondary for this school year,” said Nanaimo school district communications director Donna Reimer.

Last year, school district enrolment was at 12,808 for elementary and secondary, not including any alternative educational programs or international students, but it’s too soon to say if numbers actually increased.

“It may not be an overall increase, we won’t know until we finish the final [numbers] and the verification takes awhile while we go back and forth with the Ministry of Education to verify the numbers. Once we get the final numbers, we’ll take a look and see,” Reimer said.

Reimer added that there are variations from year to year in what the districts projections are.

“We need to look at it on a several year basis to see if it’s an overall trend or not,” she said.

Final enrolment numbers usually come out in December but the school district will get a good indicator in the coming weeks.

“I think we usually have something we say is pretty close to final sometime in October,” Reimer said.

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