Nanaimo residents have opportunity to try para-athletic sports

Anyone interested in trying para-athletic sports have an opportunity later this week.

B.C. Wheelchair Sports is offering people a chance to try wheelchair racing and tie-down throwing at its Have-A-Go Night.

Holly Tawse, para-athletics program coordinator for B.C. Wheelchair Sports, said the goal is to recruit new individuals, raise awareness about the sports and encourage physical activity.

“It’s a great opportunity for individuals with a physical disability to get active and become involved in the sport,” she said.

The Have-A-Go Night is Friday (May 27), from 6-8 p.m. at the Nanaimo Rotary Bowl.

The organization is partnering with the Nanaimo Track and Field club, which hosts the Elwood Wylie Meet Saturday and Sunday (May 28-29) at the Rotary Bowl. People participating in the B.C. Sports night have the opportunity to compete in the para-athletics track and field events held on the weekend.

James Hustvedt, regional athletics coach for B.C. Wheelchair Sports, said the event is intended to introduce people to the sports and perhaps spark a lifelong involvement in them.

“It can open up a window into a person’s future if they want to pursue it,” said Hustvedt.

Wheelchair racing features specially designed chairs that are aerodynamic and built to maximize speed. Tie-down throws can feature shot put, discus or javelin throwing. Hustvedt said the tie-down throws are new events the organization is introducing this year thanks to a provincial grant.

Registration is recommended, but not mandatory. To register please contact Tawse at 1-604-333-3526 or e-mail

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