Nanaimo RCMP return stolen mountain bikes to tourists

NANAIMO – Police recover stolen mountain bikes and return them to owners in Alberta.

An Alberta couple whose mountain bikes were stolen while they were visiting Nanaimo received some good news this week when Mounties called and to tell them their bikes had been recovered.

The husband and wife from Blackfolds, Alta., arrived in Nanaimo July 31.

After checking into their motel they made sure their Norco mountain bikes were secured to their vehicle with a two-metre cable lock wrapped through each of the bikes’ suspension and then secured to their bike carrier, but the next morning they found the cable cut and the bikes gone.

Serial numbers were provided to police and they were told they would be contacted if the bikes were found.

They had little hope of that happening, but Sept. 3 Nanaimo Mounties called to tell them their bikes had been found at a residence known to police.

When no one in the residence claimed any knowledge of the bikes, police seized the bikes and no charges were laid.

The bikes are being shipped to the couple this week who told police the theft won’t deter them from returning to ride Nanaimo’s mountain bike trails.