Nanaimo RCMP continue positive ticketing campaign

NANAIMO – Mounties handing out tickets to youth caught in the act.

Since June 2012 Nanaimo Mounties have handed out more than 3,000 tickets to youth, caught red-handed doing something positive in their community.

The RCMP and the city have partnered up to give free access to pools, rinks and recreation centres to youth who have been positively ticketed by police.

“This is exactly where we want our youth to be, engaging in fun physical activities with other like-minded youth,” said Const. Mat Watkin of the Nanaimo RCMP Bike Patrol Unit, who spearheaded the program.

Getting caught picking up a piece of garbage, holding a door for an elderly person or driving with care and attention, are just some of the ways young can get ticketed.

“I have a handfull of tickets on me at any given time and I’m always on the lookout for deserving youth,” said reserve constable Craig Smith, who does foot patrols downtown.

A ticket recognizing a young person for a kind act or responsible behaviour might just be the nudge they need keep that person headed in the right direction, police said.