Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson

Nanaimo marijuana dispensary robbed

NANAIMO - Product passed up for cash in pot dispensary break-in Monday morning.

Green Tree medical marijuana dispensary was the site of a smash-and-grab robbery early Monday, in which suspects passed up product for cash.

Andrew Hanson, budtender, was sent in to mind the store on Terminal Avenue only to find it had been broken into around 5:30 a.m. He was greeted by police, a smashed door window, a broken brick on the sidewalk and a missing cash register. The glass of the front door appeared to have been smashed with a brick to gain access to the store.

“They passed over thousands of dollars worth of product that was clearly on display and just took the cash register,” Hanson said.

Inside there were dozens of jars of marijuana as well as edible products, such as gummy bear candies. None of the display cases or any of the products had been touched.

Whoever broke in also did not attempt to break into the dispensary’s safe.

Hanson said no cash is kept on the premises other than a $150 float for the cash register.

Green Tree and other medical marijuana dispensaries continue to operate in a legal limbo in Nanaimo as the medical marijuana industry awaits a federal government ruling on marijuana dispensaries.