Nanaimo hospitality association supports city’s decison on tourism

NANAIMO – City council decided to pull tourism from economic development and hospitality association supports the change.

  • Oct. 31, 2016 2:00 p.m.

Nanaimo Hospitality Association is standing behind a City of Nanaimo decision to separate tourism from the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation.

The hospitality association, which represents local hotels and motels, issued a press release Monday about the city’s decision to separate of tourism from the purview of the economic development corporation, made in camera Oct. 3.

It said the current situation of people working in silos is not effective, as shown in two separate reports by the city, and the role of Tourism Nanaimo to bring together different segments of the tourism industry to have one common voice and vision, eliminate duplication and triplication of services and collaboratively market Nanaimo was not happening as well as it should.

A change had to be made, it said, and the association supports the decision of mayor and council to make that change, adding it will reap rewards for the tourism industry in the central Vancouver Island region for years to come. It also says it, along with members of the tourism industry and economic development corporation board and staff, were well aware of what was being considered by mayor and council.

“We were not caught off guard as others want you to believe and yes there is strong industry support for this decision,” the association wrote. “There are now four different maps being produced in Nanaimo and paid for with tax dollars.

“Collaboration needs to happen and relocating the tourism staff together with staff from the other city-funded organizations will foster that.”

Henry Traa, spokesperson for the association, could not be reached for comment.