Nanaimo doctors expand healthy walking program

NANAIMO – Physicians meet with patients each month at Maffeo Sutton Park to promote physical activity.

Nanaimo doctors are stepping up efforts to promote health.

Nanaimo physicians are hosting a Walk with your Doc event every month at Maffeo Sutton Park to help encourage people to stay active. It’s the first time the walk has been expanded.

The activity is usually held once annually in May to celebrate the World Health Organization’s Move for Health Day.

Nanaimo’s Dr. Derek Poteryko, an organizer, said the idea is to connect with the community and encourage physical fitness.

“My agenda as a doctor is to help Nanaimo become healthier and going out walking and being together with other people out in the sun and all those other things that go with it, is better [for] health than sitting with us in an office and getting a pill in some cases,” he said.

The expanded walk happens on the second Saturday of every month. The next events are Aug. 9 and Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. Participants meet at Spirit Square in Maffeo Sutton Park. For more info, please call 250-754-5545.