Janice and Barry Kroening won $2 million in a recent BC49 lottery draw.

Janice and Barry Kroening won $2 million in a recent BC49 lottery draw.

Nanaimo couple counting their blessings after lottery win

NANAIMO – Local couple's retirement secure after winning big in BC/49 lottery.

A Nanaimo couple is counting their blessings and their cash after a big win on the BC/49 lottery.

Barry and Janice Kroening, a retired couple who live in north Nanaimo, hit a $2-million jackpot on the July 12 draw that will ensure their golden years are just that.

Janice discovered they’d won the prize July 14 when she checked the numbers. She doesn’t remember what she said when the ticket matched the winning numbers, but does recall thinking it couldn’t be true. The idea that they are sudden millionaires was still sinking in when they picked up their cheque from B.C. Lottery Corporation offices in Vancouver Tuesday.

“We’re still processing, to be honest,” Janice said. “We are still just not quite in reality yet, so we’re probably just going to put it somewhere safe and just see how things roll.”

She said winning the money gives the Kroenings – both in their 60s – a strong sense of security about their financial future in their retirement years.

As for future plans, it’s just too early to say what those might be other than general notions about travelling.

“It just totally secures it,” Janice said. “If I want to buy two pairs of shoes, I’ll buy two pairs of shoes. In fact, I did yesterday actually. I guess that’s the most impact I’ve felt so far – and we flew over this morning. That was a treat, too, on Harbour Air. That was something we wouldn’t normally do, so those are small baby steps.”

Regardless of how they plan to enjoy their winnings, from this point on the Kroenings will be living the dream.

“It’s the ultimate dream, is really what it is,” Janice said. “Everyone dreams of this and we are getting to enjoy it and it just doesn’t seem real yet.”