Nanaimo Community Gardens Society falls short of $25K win

NANAIMO – Group placed second in an online Co-op Community Spaces contest.

Nanaimo Community Gardens Society fell one spot shy of winning $25,000 in the Co-op Community Spaces cyber-race.

The society came in second place in the Co-op Community Spaces contest, falling 268 votes behind the first place winner.

Nanaimo Mid-Island Co-op announced in early September that the Nanaimo Community Gardens Society had won $40,000 from the Co-op Community Spaces Program and could get another $25,000 if it collected the most votes in a 12-day race Sept. 14-25.

The final tally on the program’s website shows the society collected 3,167 votes compared to 3,465 for a town square project in Nipawin, Sask.