Nanaimo adopts new corporate anti-idling policy

NANAIMO – One-minute idling limits on the way for the City of Nanaimo's gas and alternative vehicle drivers.

The City of Nanaimo will zero in on unnecessary idling in a new corporate policy.

Nanaimo city council unanimously approved the city’s first anti-idling policy for the municipal vehicle fleet at an open meeting Monday.

Council has asked for a five-per cent reduction in fuel consumption and having a formal policy to communicate makes people sit up and listen a little bit more, according to the city’s fleet and service centre manager Bruce Labelle, who says if there’s unnecessary idling there would also be a fuel savings.

Under the new policy, gas and alternative vehicle drivers would see a one-minute idling limit if they stop for any foreseeable amount of time, while diesel drivers would have three minutes. The initial approach with the new policy will be education and support, Labelle said.

Certain exceptions will be made on the policy, including for emergency vehicles.

It’s not yet known when the policy will take effect.