Municipal election financial disclosure documents filed

NANAIMO – Council candidate Gail Adrienne filed financial disclosure statements to Elections B.C. with a $500 late fee.

Nanaimo election candidate Gail Adrienne filed financial disclosure forms before the late filing deadline Monday, Elections B.C. reports.

The political hopeful was the only Nanaimo civic election candidate not to make Elections B.C.’s deadline for financial disclosure statements last February, and had until Monday to file papers with a $500 late fee.

The statements, which include campaign contributions, expenses and levels of financial support, have now been submitted.

It shows she collected $1,950 — 51 per cent of which she contributed herself —and Adrienne spent slightly more than $1,142.

City Coun. Gord Fuller and mayoral candidate Kendal Csak – who both received filing extensions – have also submitted documents. Fuller spent $3,564 during the election and collected $2,550 in contributions, including $140 from Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society spokesman Jeff Solomon and $200 each from Laird Wheaton and Newcastle Nissan.

Csak was self-funded. His campaign totaled $211.