Motion on water referendum fails

NANAIMO – District of Lantzville formally receives proposed water deal from City of Nanaimo.

An effort to see Lantzville residents decide the outcome of a new water supply deal has failed.

Lantzville Coun. Denise Haime called for a new water supply deal with Nanaimo to go to referendum this November. The motion was seconded by no one at a council meeting Monday, leaving it dead in the water.

Haime said she is “shocked” her colleagues weren’t willing to at least discuss a potential referendum question.

The deal with Nanaimo makes it a condition that Lantzville electors approve the 20-year agreement.

“I found it extremely disappointing,” Haime said. “Why not have the residents make the decision on their future?”

At its open meeting, Lantzville council decided to formally receive the proposed water deal with Nanaimo, which was approved by city politicians in February. Staff members are expected to prepare a detailed report on the agreement and schedule a public meeting for resident feedback.