Month-long moustache movement raises money and awareness of prostate cancer

Movember draws out supporters in the fight against prostate cancer.

Behind the face of every man, and even some women, is a great moustache screaming to come out into the light.

With prostate cancer being a bit of a hairy topic for men, Nanaimo participants are sprouting a great crop of cookie dusters for Movember, when guys across Canada, around the world even, raise cash to fight prostate cancer.

Some of Nanaimo’s mo’s of magnificence will be harvested for donations at SportsBarbers, located at 3-4906 Wellington Rd.

“We’ll be having a Movember wrap-up party Nov. 30,” said Kevin Arnold, business owner. “There will be prizes in three categories: the Ultimate Mo, Old College Try and best Movie Star Lookalike.”

Call it upper lip plumage, face fungus, your misplaced eyebrow, soup strainer or just a plain old mo’, the moustache is being wielded as a front-line weapon in the battle against prostate cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society says prostate cancer has been on the rise since 1980, probably due to increased early detection, but death rates rose much more slowly to and actually started declining in the 1990s.

On average, 73 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 11 men will die of it every day. It’s the most common cancer, next to non-melanoma skin cancer, among Canadian men. One in seven men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. One in 28 will die from it.

Whether you’re going for the maxed-out machismo look, a full-bodied Borat or just a dash of ‘stache you can also cash in with your mouth muffler at the Elephant Room which is hosting Movember Photos, a photo shoot happening Nov. 28. Cost is $10 and all proceeds will support Elephant Room’s Movember fund benefitting Prostate Cancer Canada.

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