Missed deadline leads to Elections B.C. fine

NANAIMO – B.C. Liberal candidate Walter Douglas Anderson missed a deadline for filing financing reports.

Nanaimo B.C. Liberal candidate Walt Anderson was listed by Elections B.C. as one of those who missed a deadline for filing financing reports for the 2013 General Election.

Kim Smythe, Anderson’s campaign manager, said while the Aug. 12 deadline was missed, the report has been filed.

“Basically we had some difficulties,” Smythe said. “Our financial agent had some issues and could not complete filing in time to get to the auditor, in time for the auditor to get it back into Elections B.C. by the 12th of August, so we missed it by a few days. So we’ll be in the 30-day catch-up group.”

Elections BC made the financing reports public on Monday.

“Our financial agent was a CA (chartered accountant) and he had end of business year taxes to take care of and by the time he was through that, had to deal with the books from this,” Smythe said.

“Our campaign was very small and simple so it is a shame we were not able to complete within the deadline.

“Our financial agent simply did not account for the amount of time the financial statements needed to be in the auditor’s hands as required by Elections B.C. and that’s where we got hung up.”

Anderson and his campaign group were charged a late filing penalty of $500, something that they could ill-afford, according to Smythe.

“That’s campaign supporters’ money and it’s a shame but that’s just the way it worked out – it’s really the fault of nobody in particular,” Smythe said.

The Parksville-Qualicum Constituency Association for the B.C. Conservatives was granted an extension due to extenuating circumstances.

Based on the 2013 general election financing reports, notable contributions (money, property or services with a value greater than $250) to Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog came from CUPE 606 in the form of $1,908.61.

Parksville-Qualicum MLA Michelle Stilwell received a total of $3,000 from Western Forest Products Inc., with $1,000 contributed on May 7 and $2,000 on May 14.

North Cowichan MLA Doug Routley didn’t have any political contributions of money, property or services (with a value of greater than $250) listed.

For the full reports of all candidates running in the May provincial election, please go to www.elections.bc.ca/index.php/electoral-finance/financial-reports-political-contributions/.