March rain helps fill Nanaimo’s reservoir

NANAIMO – City will implement water restrictions on the usual time of June 1.

Rain in March helped fill the Jump Lake reservoir, which  currently sits at 95 per cent capacity, according to the City of Nanaimo.

As a result, the city will not be implementing Level 1 water restrictions until the usual time of June 1. Nanaimo Engineering and Public Works staff continue to monitor water levels closely, and will issue biweekly updates.

“This year, due to the low snow pack, we want to ramp up communications with the public, so there are no surprises if we find it necessary to shift to Level 2 restrictions,” said Bill Sims, manager of water resources for the city.

With zero snow pack this past winter, the city is concerned that water supply may be stressed. Rain will help keep the reservoir level full, but long stretches of dry weather can deplete the reservoir quickly.

Staff will assess weather patterns, reservoir level and water consumption weekly.