Man arrested for dragging pit bulls behind truck

NANAIMO – Police arrest man and confiscate pit bulls dragged behind pickup truck in Cedar.

  • Jul. 16, 2013 8:00 a.m.

Police have arrested one man and confiscated two pit bull terriers after the dogs were dragged behind a pickup truck.

Mounties respond at about 3 p.m. Friday after receiving a report a man had tied two pit bulls behind his pickup truck and was dragging them down Leask Road in Cedar.

“One was a puppy. The other was a mature dog,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman. “The puppy couldn’t keep up, so it was dragged – ripped its paw, shoulder, so it was in shock. The mature dog was able to keep up with the vehicle and wasn’t injured.”

The incident was witnessed by at least three people and was first spotted by a motorist behind the truck who saw the animals being dragged and was frantically blowing his horn to get the truck’s driver to stop.

That caught the attention of a couple in their yard on Leask Road who ran to help and called the police.

They estimated the pickup was driving at regular traffic speed for the area.

“The speed of traffic in that area is anywhere from 35 to 50 kilometres per hour,” O’Brien said.

The witness said the truck, which had turned on to Leask Road from Ivor Road had travelled at least 200 metres down Leask Road before it was stopped.

“By the time (one of the witnesses) got out there the puppy was out cold,” O’Brien said. “The (driver) just picked up the dog and threw it in the back of the pickup. The older dog was frantic and was in pretty bad shape as well. It could barely keep up with the truck.”

The puppy received significant bruising to its torso, had raw patches on its legs and shoulders and required immediate hospitalization.

Upon examining the dogs, police arrested the 27-year-old suspect. He was released on condition he  have no contact with animals and will appear in Nanaimo provincial court Sept. 3 to face a recommended charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

O’Brien said the dogs were treated, but he has, so far, not ascertained which veterinary hospital treated them.

The dogs have been returned to their owners. The man who is allegedly responsible for abusing the dogs is the son of the people who own the dogs, O’Brien said.

“The puppy will recover,” O’Brien said.