Little Nanaimo impact from lawyers’ protest

Trial dates in Nanaimo are being covered despite job action by criminal trial lawyers across B.C. to protest legal aid funding cuts.

A provincewide protest by criminal trial lawyers over legal aid funding cuts is having little impact in Nanaimo.

More than 200 trial lawyers across B.C. are withdrawing some services throughout April in the final phase of escalating strike that started in January when lawyers withdrew services for one week, two weeks in February and three weeks in March.

Bentley Doyle, B.C. Trial Lawyers Association spokesman, said 50 courthouses across the province have been hit hard by the month-long strike, but most court dates have been covered in Nanaimo.

“It looks lit it has been pretty close to business as usual in Nanaimo,” Doyle said.

Lawyers are not required by the trial lawyers association, which coordinated the job action, to take part in the strike, but do have to notify the Legal Services Society if they are planning to refuse work.

Doyle said meetings are being held to plan what the next phase of possible job action will be, but no firm strategies have been formed yet.