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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s find a cure for potato pox

What happened to the clean-skinned potato of my youth, asks letter writer

To the editor,

Re: The humble potato needs rescuing from global forces, Opinion, Feb. 3.

This column was interesting. I doubt if anyone would dispute the gradual deterioration in the quality of what used to be the not-so-humble spud over the last couple of decades. What really surprised me in this tuberous ode was the absence of any reference to the odious and ever-present brown spots that make all varieties of today’s potatoes appear to have the measles. These brown spots gradually turn black and then slowly sink into the flesh of the potato. Given enough time they turn the flesh translucent and have to be dug out before cooking. What happened to the clean-skinned potato of my youth?

Growers and retailers alike have so far turned a blind eye to this situation. However it will have to be addressed eventually, hopefully prior to the further descent of this most versatile of vegetables into an amorphous mush. Let’s hope that somewhere, someone will know how to perform this much-needed restoration.

Garry Bradford, Nanaimo

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