Lantzville marks 10th birthday

Dozens of people showed up at District of Lantzville headquarters to celebrate the district's 10th anniversary of incorporation Tuesday.

Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson

Dozens of people showed up at District of Lantzville headquarters to help councillors and staff celebrate the district’s 10th anniversary of incorporation Tuesday.

More than 100 people showed up to an open house to help celebrate the milestone, said Mayor Jack de Jong.

“We were a little apprehensive initially about having this,” he said. “The apprehension was, would people show up, would there be interest?

“We had a good showing of people. It really exceeded all of our expectations.”

The district will hold an extension of Tuesday’s open house during the community’s annual Minetown Day celebration Sept. 7, which celebrates the district’s coal mining roots, including something special for the kids, de Jong added.

The open house featured coffee, cake and information boards celebrating different achievements in the community over the past 10 years, including renovations at the municipal hall, the sanitary sewer collection project, the water quality protection and storage project, and construction of a trail along the E&N Railway.

De Jong said residents who stopped by expressed support for resolving the water issue in the community – Nanaimo city council recently voted to proceed with finalizing a water supply agreement with the district that would provide Upper Lantzville residents and businesses with water.

If the agreement is signed, it would be two years before the community gets connected, so there is still work to do to prepare for this, he said.

De Jong also heard some concerns about speeding along Lantzville Road – a couple of residents mentioned this is still a problem despite the district recently installing two speed bumps on the roadway – but many just showed up to celebrate.

“Most of it was congratulations on the 10 years,” he said. “There’s a general level of contentment, where this community is going.”

For more information on the community and other projects, please visit the district’s website at