Lack of snowfall helps City of Nanaimo stay under budget

NANAIMO – City has spent more than $200,000 on snow removal so far this year.

February’s flurries rung up an estimated $150,000 in snow removal costs, according to the City of Nanaimo.

The city spent approximately $257,786 clearing snow and ice since the start of the year, with close to 60 per cent spent on a two-day snowfall in February alone.

Last month the city had three-weeks of ice and an “exceptional” snowfall with 40 centimeters falling in Nanaimo, said Brian Denbigh, the city’s manager of roads and traffic services.

Despite the weather, however, the city is close to dead on for its typical winter spend and still under its $600,000 annual budget.

“We are pretty well status quo … and it looks like the trend is for warmer temperatures,” he said, adding the city will be able to work within its budget if there’s no more snow until next winter.

The city has been under budget for snow removal over the past two years, thanks to milder winters. Expenses hit $252,096 last year and $453,967 in 2012.