Improved regulations coming for inspectors

NANAIMO – B.C. government is working on an improved
regulatory model for home inspectors.

The B.C. government is surveying the public and home inspectors so it can put together an improved regulatory model for the home inspection business.

B.C. was the first province to license home inspectors and is still one of only two provinces doing so.

To be licensed, B.C. home inspectors must meet specific education requirements, receive appropriate practical training, pass at least one peer-test inspection review, and meet continuing education requirements.

In June, Minister Responsible for Housing Rich Coleman was given responsibility to strengthen home inspection accreditation to better protect consumers buying a home by improving the qualification and training requirements for licensed home inspectors.

To gauge public experiences with home inspectors, the Ministry of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing ran two online surveys. One sought consumer opinion. The other survey took feedback from the construction industry and home-inspection professionals.

“The good news is they took the first step about two years ago in actually licensing home inspectors,” said Bernie McCarthy, inspector with Nanaimo-based HouseMaster Home Inspections. “Prior to that if you wanted to hang out a shingle you could call yourself a home inspector.”

McCarthy owned a building contracting company for 10 years, worked in the building trades for five years prior to that and was also a multi-licensed exterminator who specialized in wood burrowing insects. He said he is in favour of anything that further improves the industry.