Hospice building campaign ends with success

NANAIMO – The hospice society ended its Expand the Heart of Hospice capital campaign with $1.5 million raised.

The Nanaimo Community Hospice Society has netted $1.5 million in a capital fundraising campaign aimed at helping it move into a new home.

The hospice society announced a successful end to a more than two-year long Expand the Heart of Hospice campaign. The wrap-up happened at a reception for retiring executive director and new Nanaimo city councillor Wendy Pratt.

The society launched its fundraising campaign in 2012 to help move into a facility on St. George Crescent that is twice the size of its former building. It had outgrown its previous location with an increasing demand for services and was “bursting at the seams,” according to Pratt.

The fundraising effort generated $1.5 million, which will go toward fulfilling a capital wish list that includes paving a parking lot and replacing the roof on an adjoining rental property.

The hospice society has more than 150 volunteers and staff providing support.