Among those testifying at the Kevin Douglas Addison trial on Wednesday

Among those testifying at the Kevin Douglas Addison trial on Wednesday

Guns and ammo found at Addison’s house, testifies RCMP officer

NANAIMO – Amongst those who testified in the Kevin Douglas Addison trial Wednesday was the RCMP officer who searched Addison's residence.

Firearms and ammunition were found during a search of the residence of the accused in the April 2014 Nanaimo mill shooting, according to testimony in the trial Wednesday.

Kevin Douglas Addison, 49, is on trial, facing two charges of first-degree murder and two of attempted murder. Michael Lunn and Fred McEachern were killed, while Tony Sudar and Earl Kelly were injured.

While a preliminary search was conducted by RCMP members on April 30, 2014, Cpl. Mike Eggen, a Nanaimo RCMP constable at the time of the incident, said he and other officers searched Addison’s Kennedy Street residence on May 1.

When the team searched a bedroom, Eggen said he saw a blanket hanging over a gun safe. He also saw a “cut-off portion of a gun barrel” in the room and a rifle case leaning up against the safe.

Eggen said the officers found a key to the safe, and when they opened it, they saw nine firearms, including bolt-action rifles, a .22-calibre rifle, lever-action rifles and shotguns.

Eggen testified that there was ammunition in the safe and also more found in the bedroom, including a single shotgun round located on the floor at the base of the safe.

A search was also done on a garbage can by the front door on the porch and Eggen said that he found a “crumpled-up” towel and within that, sawdust, a blue hacksaw blade that had been broken into pieces, a wooden stock of a firearm with saw marks, rubber surgical tubing and a trigger lock that looked like it had sustained damage.

Eggen testified that he believed these items were related to the firearm that had been seized at the Western Forest Products mill site that had the wooden stock and part of the barrel cut off.

Pay stubs, collection notices, telephone bills, as well as black electrical tape, were also found at Addison’s residence, said Eggen.

The trial is scheduled to run until Oct. 14.