Greenleaf Medicinals off list of licensed medical marijuana producers

NANAIMO – Greenleaf Medicinals has been temporarily removed from Health Canada's list of licensed producers.

A B.C. medical marijuana company has been temporarily removed from Health Canada’s list of licensed producers in the wake of its voluntary recall last week.

Greenleaf Medicinals, a company with a Nanaimo postal box, has been removed from the roster of producers licensed to sell or provide medical marijuana until it addresses issues found during a Health Canada inspection.

The company issued a voluntary recall for Purple Kush or batch PK-10-20-13, on April 18 after a Health Canada inspection found issues around “processes that affect quality control, good production practices and oversight” which includes potential residues from use of unregistered pesticides and unsanitary production conditions.

Greenleaf Medicinals informed Health Canada that it’s working with other licensed producers to find a different supply of marijuana for 63 clients affected by the recall. Clients are being told to either return the product to the company via a secure courier or destroy it at home.

Health Canada says the company will remain off the list of licensed producers until issues found by inspectors are corrected and the company has been re-inspected. For a list of licensed medical marijuana companies, please visit