Gabriola golf club replaces equipment with Regional District of Nanaimo grant

NANAIMO – Regional District of Nanaimo directors approved a maximum of $28,500 for mowers and equipment for Gabriola Golf and Country Club.

Regional District of Nanaimo directors approved up to $28,500 of gas tax money for mowers and equipment for Gabriola Golf and Country Club last week.

The money will come from Gabriola’s allotment of the Community Works Fund. The non-profit organization seeks the money for a number of pieces of equipment, according to Dick Sharples, former vice-president.

“We want to replace a Cushman vehicle (small utility vehicle), we’ve got to fix up a 1958 fairways mower with parts, we’ve got to buy a new stove and we have to buy a new ice machine,” said Sharples.

He estimates the Cushman vehicle will cost $7,000, the replacement parts for the mower will cost $5,000, the commercial stove $6,000, the ice maker $1,500 and a greens mower $7,000.

The mower and utility vehicle the organization purchases will be used, Sharples said.

“There’s a lot of golf courses very, very successful on the Island and every four years, they just trade in equipment and buy new stuff and what we’re doing is buying re-conditioned [items],” said Sharples.

Howard Houle, regional district director for Gabriola and area, said the course has a fixture in the community for close to 40 years and a great place to golf, which a lot of Gabriolans use.

“They just needed a little help with equipment and then they should be off and running again,” said Houle.

Despite the name, Sharples said the course isn’t an actual country club, but rather a member-owned course that is open to the public and funded by membership fees and green fees.