Election 2014: Lantzville election race sees one newcomer

Ten candidates are running to sit on Lantzville council, and three for mayor.

Seasoned politicians will dominate the ballot in Lantzville’s civic election.

Nominations closed Friday for the Lantzville election, with three contenders for mayor and 10 for council.

Incumbent mayor Jack de Jong, former mayor Colin Haime and Coun. Joe Bratkowski are in a three-way fight for the leadership position.

Incumbents Jennifer Millbank, Brian Dempsey, Andrew Mostad, Denise Haime and Graham Savage are all seeking re-election while previous councillors Warren Griffey, Rod Negrave, Doug Parkhurst and David Scott are looking to return to the table. John Coulson is the only candidate that hasn’t served on council.

The election is Nov. 15.