Nanaimo North Rotary Club member

Nanaimo North Rotary Club member

Downtown shopping discount helps raise money for charity

NANAIMO – Shop and Dine Downtown for Charity takes place on May 28.

Shopping in downtown Nanaimo will become a little more exciting for one day this month, thanks to a brand-new event known as Shop and Dine Downtown for Charity.

On May 28, residents of the Harbour City will be able to save as much as 20 per cent at more than 18 downtown businesses by purchasing a $20 coupon from the Rotary Club of North Nanaimo.

A single ticket will get customers 20 per cent off everything at Flying Fish, Children’s Treehouse, Turley’s Florist, That ’50s Barbershop and Artzi Stuff. The coupon will also be good for 20 per cent off selected items at other downtown businesses including Minnoz Restaurant, Let’s Boutique, Urban Wine Cellar, 2 Chefs Affair, Quintessentials and Catwalk Fashions.

Jim Turley, owner of Turley’s Florist and one of the organizers of Shop and Dine Downtown for Charity, said those who purchase the coupon not only help local businesses, but the Rotary Club of Nanaimo North, which will use the money to fund various programs and activities.

“Some of the money will be going to youth programs,” Turley said.

Money will also be used to help pay for activities such as the club’s monthly breakfast with the Salvation Army.

Ed Poli, a Nanaimo North Rotary Club member, said the club focuses on activities related to serving the community and that money raised from the coupons will be used to fund a range of activities.

“Our big focus as a club is to find community service activities and that often comes with a price,” he said. “If you want to paint some place, you have to buy paint and that costs money.”

Poli said those who love to shop would be foolish not to purchase a ticket.

“It is all stuff that exists downtown that is good value and on that day you’re going to get 20 per cent off,” Poli said. “So anybody who would shop or patronize any of those places; it seems to be a no-brainer.”

Coupons can be purchased at Turley’s Florist, Nanaimo Museum, Coast Bastion Hotel, Nanaimo PopUp Shop and Elizabeth’s Lingerie Boutique. Please call 250-754-6344.

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