Darren Stackhouse

Darren Stackhouse

Downtown Nanaimo’s rainbow crosswalks vandalized

NANAIMO - References to Christian Bible verses sprayed on rainbow crosswalks on Commercial Street.

The colours of Nanaimo’s rainbow crosswalks started shining a lot brighter Friday, thanks to the cleanup process to remove graffiti sprayed on them sometime overnight.

The graffiti spray-painted on both sidewalks at Commercial and Bastion streets made references to Biblical chapters and verses from Romans and Leviticus.

Rick Meyers, Nanaimo Pride Society president, said he didn’t view the incident negatively.

“A real positive thing has come out from this,” Meyers said. “The support from the LGBTQ allies has been overwhelming. The city was right on it. They’ve already cleaned it up. … The [Nanaimo] Pride Society is definitely looking at this with a positive spin: bringing the community together. That’s what our objective always has been, bringing the community together. It’s not just about LGBTQ.”