Lantzville District Hall shown above.

Lantzville District Hall shown above.

District of Lantzville finds no councillors in conflict

NANAIMO – Legal opinion on conflict of interest was released prior to Monday's council meeting.

Not a single councillor was found to be in conflict  by the District of Lantzville’s legal counsel.

In July, concerns were raised about councillors being in a conflict of interest situation regarding the Lantzville-Nanaimo water agreement. As a result, councillors voted to have the district’s legal counsel provide an opinion.

The result, which was made public during Monday’s council meeting, said that no member of council was found participating in and voting on a decision to accept water from Nanaimo as it relates to the Lantzville-Nanaimo water agreement.

“Our legal council came back and said based on the information provided to them, they did not see any conflict,” said Brad McRae, Lantzville’s chief administrative officer.

He said that the decision is the district’s legal opinion, adding that councillors can get their own legal opinion on themselves.

Despite the district’s legal opinion the issue may not be over. According to McRae, councillors could vote with a two-thirds majority to pursue legal action against a councillor or councillors. He also said that 10 residents of Lantzville could also pursue legal action if they felt anyone on council was in conflict.

“As per the community charter, 10 electors, can or could have gone forth, and pursue an action in supreme court if they believe a member of council is in conflict,” McRae said.

The legal opinion was made public following council’s decision earlier this month to approve construction of an $800,000 water pipeline to the border of Nanaimo.