Community discussion on HST starts

Nanaimo resident hoping to start community discussion groups on HST issue

Nanaimo’s David Wang hopes to start a movement of community discussions about the HST to help residents examine the issue.

He’s hosting a small study group, what he refers to as ‘community think tanks’, for 10 people at the White Spot restaurant near Woodgrove Centre on July 21, from 5-9 p.m. Wang, 31, works as a cook at White Spot. He said the meeting is an opportunity to sit down with people and discuss and learn about the issue in a more dynamic way and for people to feel empowered when making decisions.

“It’s really important for people to feel engaged in something, not passive in what their government decides,” said Wang. “It’s a complicated issue.”

People are required to RSVP for the meeting as there is only space for 10. Interested participants can sign up on Wang’s meeting Facebook page, or e-mail him at

Wang said he hopes the initial discussion will motivate others to launch more community discussions. People can use the Facebook page to discuss meetings and connect with other people interested in arranging community discussions.

Personally, Wang is in favour of the HST because he says it taxes consumption, not income, and will make people more careful with their spending habits and more responsible citizens.

People have until Aug. 5 to vote in the province’s HST mail-in referendum.