Colliery Dam water levels lowered for beach restoration

NANAIMO - Lower Colliery Dam lake closed for swimming while water levels lowered.

Swimmers at Nanaimo’s Colliery Dam Park’s lower lake will be temporarily left high and dry while water levels are lowered for beach restoration work.

City crews are currently preparing to reduce the water level in Colliery Dam Park to restore the beach area  near the south side of the lower lake.

The water depth will be lowered two meters to expose the beach to install new sand and to repair a set of stairs leading into the lake.

The city cautions park visitors to be careful near the potentially slippery shoreline that will be exposed for up to four days to complete the work.

“This project was identified in the recent public park improvement process as a priority by park users and doing it now will make the beach available for use next season,” Al Britton, city parks operations manager, said in a press release. “This is the best time of year to do this work when water levels are lowest and just prior to the rainy season starting.”