Colliery dam costs rise as remediation work continues

NANAIMO – Additional work by Golder Associates will increase the bill for Colliery dams to approximately $1.8 million.

Expenses for Nanaimo’s Colliery dams could reach about $1.8 million as consultants continue to research remediation options, a city report shows.

The Colliery Dam Technical Committee and its engineers, Golder Associates, are working out the details of remediation options for the century-old dams. The research is estimated to cost another $300,000.

The new work will bring the committee’s total expenses close to $800,000 and the city’s overall bill to about $1.8 million.

According to a city report, Golder Associates completed preliminary work focused on options to fix the lower dam. The move would address the risk posed during a major quake or flood. The investigation also indicated that repairs could cost considerably less than original estimates, although neither the city nor the technical committee have released any details. Further research will “produce greater clarity about costs” and provide information to help the committee choose the best remediation option.

Golder Associates is expected to complete final recommendations in May.