City of Nanaimo offers new view of old buildings

NANAIMO – The city plans to post videos, every two weeks, with a “seagull eye” view of historical buildings.

The City of Nanaimo has found a new angle to showcase historical buildings.

The city plans to post aerial videos, every two weeks, with a “seagull-eye” view of historical buildings, from the Bastion to the Globe Hotel.

The initiative is meant to promote awareness of Nanaimo’s built heritage in a fun and dynamic way, a press release says.

The city will post its first video Friday (Nov. 4) on its website and will continue to release aerial footage until March. 10.

“Captured via drone, the videos are a great way to see Nanaimo’s oldest, and most historically important buildings, in a fresh new way,” said Chris Sholberg, the city’s culture and heritage planner.

The videos will be produced by Arrowsmith Aerial Photography. To view the footage, please visit