City of Nanaimo gauges status of Beban Park boilers

NANAIMO – City will launch a $23,950 review into Beban Park boilers that are more than 40 years old.

The City of Nanaimo will study Beban Park boilers in a $23,950 review.

City council agreed to a comprehensive boiler plant review and a thermal energy study of two natural-gas fired boilers at Beban Park, instead of going with a more basic review. The boilers, more than 40 years old, heat the city’s swimming pools and provide heat for facilities. It’s timely to review options for a possible conversion to more efficient boiler plant technology and heat recovery systems, a city report states.

The review will look at improvements for the boiler plant system, equipment, piping, control strategy and heat recovery option.  FortisBC is expected to chip in $11,975 upon completion and approval of the study.