City of Nanaimo bill for governance help remains unpaid

NANAIMO – City manager wants itemized list from consultant for work.

The City of Nanaimo continues to withhold payment to the Integrity Group, hired by the mayor last year to help council get along.

According to Tracy Samra, the city’s chief administrative officer, the facilitator hasn’t itemized what was done for the city and neither has the mayor.

“Unless and until I know services were properly contracted and actually provided to us, we are not paying it,” she said.

Facilitation work began June 2015. In February, the city announced council agreed to pay $20,000 of a $48,000 invoice, citing the former was in accordance with a 2015 agreement and added to the amount was $28,000 to work with the mayor.

Officials had been looking for invoice details about who authorized the expense.