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Case for Naramata mother killed in gang conflict continues in Kelowna

Two alleged gang associates who are accused of killing the mother of a rival gang member will remain behind bars while awaiting a trial date
Photo posted by Ekene Anigbo on March 24, 2022. (@lololanski/Instagram)

The homicide case for two men accused of killing the mother of a rival gang member continues to move through B.C.’s Supreme Courts.

On June 3, in Kelowna, both Ekene Anigbo and Jalen Falk appeared by video for a decision by a B.C. Supreme Court Justice as part of a pretrial conference.

The Justice’s decision on the matter cannot be published due to strict bans, since the trial for Falk and Anigbo is expected to proceed with a jury.

As to not not influence the jury before the trial begins, all information discussed in court relating to the case is barred from publication.

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Anigbo, also known by his rap name Lolo Lanski, and Falk were arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of Kathy Richardson, who was found dead at her home in Naramata in June 2021.

Angibo is currently in federal prison serving a sentence for a separate firearms-related conviction and Falk is in custody for the murder charges.

Anigbo and Falk are accused of killing Richardson, the mother of a man named Wade Cudmore, who is alleged to be a member of a rival gang.

Cudmore is currently in custody for charges of first-degree murder in the death of brothers Carlo and Erick Fryer.

Cudmore and a man named Anthony Graham are alleged to have killed the Fryer brothers in May 2021.

The bodies of the Fryer brothers were found on a remote road in Naramata.

“[The Fryer brothers’] homicides are believed to be connected to gang and drug activities, with alleged criminal activities not limited to Naramata but other areas of BC including Northern BC and the Lower Mainland,” said Supt. Sanjaya Wijayakoon of the BC RCMP Major Crime Section.

Approximately one month later, Cudmore’s mother was found dead at her home in Naramata.

On May 17, 2021, after the death of the Fryer brothers and amidst other acts of violence allegedly stemming from gang conflict, the Vancouver Police Department issued a statement to warn the public.

“Several conflicts involving numerous crime groups that have resulted in murders and attempted murders in recent weeks in public places,” read the statement.

In the release, Angibo was listed as one of Vancouver’s “top six gang members” and was identified as being at risk of violence from “rival gang members.”

“Police are expecting the violence to continue and escalate,” said the Vancouver Police Department, at the time.

Less than one month after the deaths of the Fryer brothers and the Vancouver police warning, Richardson’s body was found at her home in Naramata on June 9, 2021. Immediately after her death, police were tight-lipped regarding the investigation into potential suspects until the arrest of Falk and Angibo.

Then, on Oct. 7, 2021, Angibo was arrested in Vancouver for weapons-related charges after being spotted by a police task force in the city’s downtown. He has remained in custody since his arrest and is now charged with first-degree murder.

“Anigbo is believed to be involved in the Lower Mainland gang conflict,” said Vancouver Constable Tania Visintin after Angibo’s arrest.

Cudmore’s 60-day murder trial began in Vancouver on June 3.

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His co-accused, Anthony Graham, is still wanted by police.

Falk and Angibo are scheduled to appear in Kelowna court on August 16, for another pretrial conference.

Then, a Voir Dire, which is a mini-trial that will take place before the trial to determine the admissibility of evidence, is scheduled to take place from January 13, 2025, until March 28.

Trial dates have not yet been scheduled.

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