B.C. Hydro work extends road closure

NANAIMO – Haslam Road will remain closed until end of May for B.C. Hydro work.

B.C. Hydro work will keep Haslam Road closed until the end of May.

The road, located in Cassidy, south of Nanaimo, was scheduled to reopen April 15, but heavy rains continued to flood the work site.

“The wet winter weather still has far-reaching impact and it has slowed down the work that we need to do there,” said Ted Olynyk, B.C. Hydro spokesman.

The power lines that run along Haslam Road are being moved underground to eliminate a potential hazard to aircraft approaching the north end of Nanaimo Airport. The work will also provide a power service upgrade to the Cassidy, North Oyster and Yellow Point areas.

“While we know this is an inconvenience to people in Yellow Point and that area with the road being closed, in the long run this will greatly improve reliability in the area,” Olynyk said. “It won’t eliminate outages, but it will lessen the duration of an outage for some customers because we can feed from another area now.”

Access to Cottowood Golf Course can be made from the Island Highway by turning on to Cedar Road, south of the airport, and taking Cedar Road to Adshead Road.