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Armoured police raid Island home, resident opens door for them

Two police officers gather information after discovering a hole in the wall connecting to a room that police raided. Photo taken on Dec. 16. (Connor McDowell/Comox Valley Record)

Armoured police raided a home in Courtenay on Saturday morning (Dec. 16).

At 9:10 a.m., Cindy Fiddler captured a photo outside 2378 Urquhart Avenue. It shows a ten-foot-tall armoured police vehicle parked in the driveway, blue and red lights flashing, and police officers instructing a person to walk off the property.

Police stand outside 2378 Urquhart Avenue in Courtenay. (Photo submitted)

Fiddler lives in the house, and was awoken by the raid. She opened the front door, she said, to find police officers with long guns ready to break it down.

Fiddler told the Record the search was for one tenant, who was not home at the time. Undercover-looking police officers, some dressed in jeans, plaid, hoodies and baseball caps but also bulletproof vests, did not share any information when asked.

At 11 a.m., four unmarked police vehicles remained on scene. A police photographer with a breathing mask filtered in and out of the open front door, and could be seen through a shattered window snapping flash photographs on ground level. The sound of drawers opening and closing filled space between photographs.

The Record reached out to RCMP media relations for more information.

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