Mandy Singh, owner of Nanaimo Home Furnishings is proud to do business in Nanaimo

Mandy Singh, owner of Nanaimo Home Furnishings is proud to do business in Nanaimo

Woman entrepreneur proud to be doing business in Nanaimo

Nanaimo Home Furnishings puts the emphasis on family and quality furniture at the lowest prices

Five years ago, Island-raised Mandy Singh and her husband, Cam, left behind the rat race on the Lower Mainland to set up home and shop for themselves and their growing family in Nanaimo. As an Islander, Mandy knew that Nanaimo’s big heart and warm, welcoming people make it the best place to do business and live because community counts!

Fast-forward five years, and the owner Mandy Singh of Nanaimo Home Furnishings has never looked back.

Mandy had always wanted to own and run her own furniture store, and Nanaimo Home Furnishings is without doubt her pride and joy. Mandy rolled up her own sleeves and worked hard to get the family business established, wanting to bring affordability and quality to her local and out-0f-town customers.

Putting her heart into it, Mandy takes full responsibility for the operation; “She’s the boss!” Cam quips.

The advent of COVID brought a few extra challenges as Mandy not only had a toddler to run after, but a homeschooler as well. Throughout, Mandy’s enthusiasm shines through. In fact, the only lingering effect from the pandemic is Mandy’s full appreciation of her community. “I always knew I wanted to raise our family here.”

Local shopper shops local

Mandy knows how important it is to support local businesses. She and her family have always supported local mom-and-pop shops right here in Nanaimo – something that became even more important over the pandemic.

That “support local” philosophy extends to how Mandy sources the goods for the furniture store too. Nanaimo Home Furnishings carries many B.C.-made products, everything from bedroom sets to custom-made furniture crafted right here in beautiful British Columbia.

Always affordable: going the extra mile to keep prices low

For the products that Mandy can’t find right here, she has to look elsewhere, and imports some of their goods from overseas. Anticipating a major furniture tariff increase of 296 per cent from the federal government – one that caught many furniture stores off guard – Mandy was prepared.

Knowing it was coming and what it might mean, she had taken preemptive steps to ensure her store could continue offering quality furniture at the same great affordable prices by seeking out new suppliers to fill that gap.

Community time: out and about in Nanaimo

When she’s not dealing with the business, or homeschooling, Mandy and her family enjoy partaking of the many amazing outdoor spaces in and around Nanaimo or patronizing local family restaurants. A young family means an active lifestyle, and a walk round Westwood Lake is a family favourite and the kids LOVE Piper’s Lagoon. Mandy and her family are proud to call Nanaimo home. Come on in and let their family help make your family home even more your own.

Check out this “small family business with a big heart where they sell for less to save you more” on Facebook or come down in person to 1713 Bowen Road, Nanaimo..

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