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When is the right time to get hearing aids?

Hearing loss isn’t the only factor to consider, says Nanaimo hearing specialist

When should you get hearing aids?

If you break your arm, you’ll go to the doctor to get a cast right away, because it hurts and it looks bad. But hearing aids aren’t the same as a cast on a broken arm. For most people hearing loss is a silent chronic condition that affects the lifestyle gradually.

“Just because you have hearing loss doesn’t mean it’s time for hearing aids,” says Hanan Merrill, a hearing practitioner and owner of Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. “The right time to get hearing aids is when you want to hear better — and I mean really want to hear better.”

Hearing improvement takes effort and commitment. It’s a bit like going to the gym — the rewards are significant, but only if you change your lifestyle and commit to the process. Just showing up to the gym once isn’t enough to get fit, and just popping hearing aids in your ears for an hour isn’t enough to transform your communication abilities.

“Hearing aids aren’t magic, they do take time and effort. They take practice. They need to be maintained and taken care of. Your brain needs to learn how to hear again. Better communication practices need to be used to get the most out of them. In short, you need to be ready to adjust your lifestyle in order to be successful,” Merrill says.

Be a part of the conversation again

At this point you might be thinking, “Yes, this is exactly what people have told me. Hearing aids are a pain… so why on earth would I even bother?”

“I’m so glad you asked,” Merrill says. “Like any lifestyle improvement, better communication with improved hearing is priceless!”

Ask anyone who’s put in the effort to live healthier and they will always confirm that the rewards are worth it.

When you put in the time, effort and commitment, hearing aids can be life changing! You’ll feel better connected with friends and family. You’ll stop feeling left out or embarrassed, and start to feel more confident.

“You’ll feel less stress because you’re more in-tune with the emotions and sounds of your life,” Merrill says.

The amount of hearing loss is not what determines when you’re ready to hear better. It’s the amount of motivation and commitment. So, if timing and motivation are critical to your priceless success, how can you know when the time is right for you?

“At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic we have a special process that not only lets you try hearing aids, but also helps you to measure your motivation. Even if you find that now is not the right time to continue with hearing aids, we can help you progress further along your hearing improvement journey.”

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