Port Theatre presents FOREV Circus: Prepare to be amazed, inspired, awed and touched!

Port Theatre presents FOREV Circus: Prepare to be amazed, inspired, awed and touched!

The romance of the circus and a circus romance comes to Nanaimo theatre

Run away and join the circus — for one night only at the Port Theatre!

Travelling performances date back to 12th century Europe and conjure romantic notions of colourfully dressed performers who dance, sing, perform amazing acrobatics and play evocative music. Back then, it was a difficult profession — a life on the road, a new audience every few nights and a need to keep the repertoire fresh.

For those fortunate enough to partake of an evening’s entertainment, it was an opportunity to forget the cares of the world – to laugh, cry and appreciate the efforts of the storytellers bringing the world to the stage.

At the Port Theatre, the focus is on bringing the world to Nanaimo, one spectacular show at time, and while the repertoire has changed hugely since the early days of theatre, the power of live theatre as a medium to entertain and take the theatre-goer away from the cares of the world still resonates and remains a uniquely visceral experience. There’s still nothing like a live performance to stir the senses and ignite the soul — and who didn’t want to run away and join the circus?

A love story that defies gravity

During the pandemic, live theatre was an unavailable pleasure, but now that we are able to attend in person again, the unique theatrical event that is FOREV Circus is a tale of love — one that brings the world of the circus to the stage as the romance unfolds.

Former Cirque du Soleil performers Santé D’Amour Fortunato, Alexander Yudintsev and Selene Ballesteros-Mingüer teamed up to create a unique experience that brings Santé and Alexander’s true love story to life through a seamless blend of music, acrobatics, juggling and aerial skills.

Performers are often part of a show where someone else calls the shots — they play the part they are chosen for – but Santé, Alexander and Selene wanted to find a way to continue to perform and create, even with the pandemic’s restrictions on live theatre, so the performers took on new roles as writers, musicians, creative directors, managers, and promoters.

The result is a stunning show and an intimate portrait of the love that grew between Santé and Alexander during their time with Cirque du Soleil, told through their particular brand of physical performance art. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, awed and touched as their love story unfolds before your eyes in unexpected ways!

Just in time for this performance, indoor public gathering restrictions have been lifted, as of Oct. 25, and the Port Theatre is returning to full capacity of 804 seats!

This is an in-person event only! Get your tickets on line here, call 250-754-8550, or visit the Ticket Centre (open Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.and two hours before showtimes).

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