Solid wood furniture offers the longevity and look ideal for the West Coast, says Mandy Singh, owner of Nanaimo Home Furnishings in Nanaimo.

Solid wood furniture offers the longevity and look ideal for the West Coast, says Mandy Singh, owner of Nanaimo Home Furnishings in Nanaimo.

Spring into a new look for your home at Nanaimo furnishings store

When we think about a fresh start for spring, we often think about those longer days, better weather and the inevitable spring cleaning. Of course, one of the first places that we spring clean is the bedroom closet! Getting your closet in order is great — especially to make room for all those new spring fashions, but what about the rest of the bedroom? Doesn’t it deserve a new spring look too?

A new look for your haven of havens

For many of us, our homes became more of refuge in the last couple of years, and the refuge of all refuges is your bedroom — it’s also often the room that we leave to the very end to update. If you’re thinking of a bedroom update — the whole thing or just a few key pieces — then Nanaimo Home Furnishings can help!

The West Coast has a particular lifestyle, and along with that, a particular décor — often reflecting the colours of the great outdoors. It’s easy to buy ready-made, one-colour-and-style-fits all furniture, but getting something that has true West Coast vibes means buying B.C.-made — and that’s exactly what you can find at Nanaimo Home Furnishings.

“Solid wood furniture will last you for years and you can choose just the look you want!” says owner Mandy Singh.

Your room, your style, your look

Maybe a new bed is on the list — and you need more storage too — but you want a particular stain on a solid wood frame. Consider it done! Mandy understands value and style and she buys locally made and locally sourced products for their custom bedroom lines. That means you get the look you want — and it’s all at great prices too.

While the bed is the centre piece of the bedroom, storage is necessary too. Dressers that fit your clothes and your available wall space make your room work the way you need it to. Another popular and stylish storage option is the blanket box for the end of the bed, which provides extra, easily accessible storage for the extra blankets that you need some nights, especially in the spring, and a they provide place to sit too. There are even bed frames that provide storage — the possibilities are nearly endless!

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Get the room you deserve and make your haven your own. Give Mandy a call to find out more at Nanaimo Home Furnishings at 250-591-2053. Hours are Monday to Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4:30 p.m. Find them on Facebook here, check out the website here, or come down in person to 1713 Bowen Rd.

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