SnapPower Guidelight Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

It seems a tedious process to find and carry flashlights. And they might not be charged all the time. The majority of people despise blinding light when they need it for some purpose. Hence, the most practical and sustainable solution is GuideLight. This is an outlet cover and night light that people can install in only some seconds to brighten up their homes. To install GuideLight, people need to screw its outlet cover that covers the existing outlet, and when they fulfill this criterion, they receive an LED pathway light right in their homes. People prefer to install GuideLight in their child’s bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and other places where they require light at night.

The working mechanism of GuideLight

GuideLight utilizes a patented design for lighting up a home. People install it into electrical outlets having no bulbs, batteries, or wires. Again, they don’t need an electrician too for installing it. Even when a person does not possess any technical expertise or Do-It-Yourself skills, he can install GuideLight. GuideLight draws electricity and provides easy illumination without any charging, batteries, or electrical work, and GuideLight can last for nearly twenty-five years.

GuideLight works to make a home’s dark corners more beautiful and safer. A few install this light at the top of their homes’ staircases, whereas others install this light in their bedrooms or bathrooms. A person can also set GuideLight to detect motion automatically. Hence, people can observe the floor well and avert obstacles when they walk around at night. In general, GuideLight intends to be the highly ingenious night light that countless people prefer to install in their homes.


Features and benefits of GuideLight

GuideLight proposes several features and benefits:

Sophisticated design – GuideLight doesn’t seem out of place, and it is different from other night lights that keep on protruding from the wall. It fits into the walls seamlessly without disturbing their décor. GuideLight has a white and neutral design that fits against every wall color.

Improves safety and nighttime visibility – GuideLight can enhance nighttime visibility as well as safety. Thus, it makes it easier for people to see the path to the bathroom. You can also use GuideLight to light up the bedroom of your child and see hidden hazards all through the home while walking in the dark.

Install in only some time – The remarkable thing about GuideLight is every person can install it in only some minutes. You have to unscrew the present electrical light with the help of a common screwdriver, and then you can install the GuideLight over the top. GuideLight connects automatically to the wiring without the requirement of any electrical work.

Four million units sold – More than 4 million units of GuideLight have been sold to date. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that it is one of the finest-selling nightlights on the internet.

GuideLight comes with a one-night warranty – If people discover any manufacturing defects with their bought GuideLight within the initial year of use, they can ask for a replacement as it is within the warranty period.

GuideLight has five stars and more than 13,000 reviews – People rely on GuideLight as it has got a 5-star rating and more than 13,000 reviews. They buy this light as they love its process of working.

Avert bulky conventional nightlights – When people opt for customary nightlights, they take up lots of space. Again, pets, too, bump against these lights. People can dislodge customary nightlights easily, and some do not look good. But GuideLight is different as it can substitute the present electrical outlet cover easily. Hence, people get the suitability of a nightlight that does not take up additional space. As people have electrical outlets all throughout their homes, GuideLight changes those outlets into significant nightlights.

Guidelight lasts for nearly twenty-five years – The LEDs of GuideLight intend to work for nearly twenty-five years even when people have not replaced them. Hence, they are not required to replace lights and batteries or charge them at any point. People just needed to install GuideLight and leave it on the wall for nearly twenty-five years.

Make dark corners of the home beautiful and safe – When you install GuideLight, it adds soft lighting to every dark area of a home. A person can install it in their bathrooms, on tops of stairways, in the bedrooms of children, and in other places they want to illuminate.

Easier to install – GuideLight can be installed easily even when a person lacks the technical capability or DIY skills. They can install this light in only some minutes. For installation, they can utilize a standard screwdriver. The outlet snaps right into place in only a few seconds. Hence, people do not require hiring an electrician to install GuideLight.

Automatic motion detection – If you want GuideLight to light up every time a person walks by, then you can turn on the automatic activation mode. It means the nightlight would turn on if it senses motions closer to it.

The ideal level of lighting – A few night lights seem too bright as they emit excessive amounts of light. Again, they also blind people at night. Contrarily, GuideLight can provide a soft glow. It can also give people the visibility they require without waking people up.

Save power – The automatic shutoff function of GuideLight will automatically save power when it is not used. This will lessen your electricity bill remarkably.

Costs less than ten cents every yearGuideLight runs all year, and it costs less than ten cents.

Automatic light detection – Besides automatic motion detection, GuideLight is found with automatic light detection too. If the room is completely dark, its nightlight would be at the lowest brightness. And then it will dim if the room becomes darker. It means the light continues to remain at a steady intensity at all times.

To sum it up

Everyone can use GuideLight as it is ideal for every person who needs additional lighting or to ease their visibility and movement in the darkness. Children and adults who fail to sleep in complete darkness hugely benefit from this smart lighting.

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