Mandy Singh of Nanaimo Home Furnishings can help you find the right colour and fabric to give your home decor a boost or a total makeover

Mandy Singh of Nanaimo Home Furnishings can help you find the right colour and fabric to give your home decor a boost or a total makeover

Need to refresh your home furnishings? It’s the little things that count!

Colour and fabric can change your home’s look and function

Now that the pandemic seems to be nearing an end, many of us find ourselves making changes to how we live our lives – and how we live in our homes.

Home has become more of a priority, sometimes doing double-duty as a work-from-home headquarters as we prioritize work/life balance. Making everything fit and flow can be challenging and may seem like it will be expensive to get right.

Making big changes, whether you own or rent, can be an expensive prospect, but doesn’t have to be.

“Your home should fit your lifestyle and we can help you choose pieces that reflect your taste, budget, and how your space needs to function for you,” says Mandy Singh, of Nanaimo Home Furnishings.

Easy Aesthetics

Colour is always important but big changes like painting or buying a new sofa are big commitments. To add colour to your decor, simple things add stylish flair and keep costs low, allowing you to have a different look for every season if you want to.

“We have a variety of accent pieces that let you add colour or texture, and create the feel you want in your room without a big commitment,” Mandy says.

If you’re looking for a bigger piece – more of an investment – neutrals can be a good choice because they can be changed up with different accents. Perhaps the most important step is measuring the space you have to work with – you’ll ensure that a particular sofa or armoire will fit, and that your space flows well.

For a custom sofa, fabric is key and can range from linen to leather, depending on your household’s needs and your aesthetic preference.

Do you have kids or pets, for example? A sofa with detachable, flippable cushions offers two sofas in one allowing cushions to be replaced as they age or get stained.

Double duty: function and comfort combined

Some rooms perform double duty, and whether you work in a guest-bedroom/office, or a master-bedroom/office, or even the kitchen table, furniture that fits the room and what you use it for makes a huge difference to function and comfort.

Custom pieces don’t have to be expensive and ensure no wasted space. The right bed makes for a better night’s sleep and the right desk or workspace that fits your work-style, means a positive vibe and more productivity.

Quality and great prices

At Nanaimo Home Furnishings, quality is as important as style, especially with custom-made pieces. “Real wood pieces last longer meaning you can enjoy your furniture for years to come and our quality, custom, solid-wood pieces are a great price,” Mandy says.

Visit weekdays from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 4:30 p.m. at 1713 Bowen Road or call 250-591-2053. Find them on Facebook here.

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