Winter signals time to mix up workout

NANAIMO – The changing season can sometimes make staying active seem less attractive

By Tammy Toor

It’s getting colder outside, the days are getting shorter, and if you’re like me, the changing season can sometimes make staying active seem less attractive.

I mean, who likes to leave their indoor warm, comfortable surroundings in exchange for colder, wetter, darker ones?

Although it might be tough to convince yourself to stick to that fitness plan you did so faithfully during the spring and summer months, fall and winter can actually be a great time to mix up your workouts, get creative and even try some new, exciting activities that will keep you healthy and chase away those winter blues.

Here are a few tips:

Change your outlook. Take the new season as an opportunity to revisit your goals and then plan out what you’d like to accomplish. You don’t have to wait until Jan. 1 to set some attainable fitness goals.

Try something new. Parks, Recreation and Culture has programs for every age and ability. Have you ever tried yoga? If not, why not try it now? Swimming, skating, yoga, Pilates and a whole variety of fitness classes are all available for you to try.

Get creative at home. Sure, going outside or to the gym can be inconvenient, but you can always pop in a workout DVD or find a workout on your computer or tablet. Invest in a few pieces of fitness equipment, like hand weights or fitness bands, and you are set.

Make a workout date. If you can’t seem to muster the energy to workout by yourself, make a commitment with either a friend, family member or even the family dog.

You’re a lot more likely to follow through on your workout commitments when you know that others will be with you.

Who doesn’t like to go for a walk with somebody in one of Nanaimo’s many beautiful parks and open spaces? Explore Westwood Lake, the waterfront, Pipers Lagoon, Neck Point, Jack Point – there are so many great places to discover right in your own city.

Looking for some fall and winter fitness ideas? Check out our Fall and Winter Activity Guide online at or pick up a copy at one of our recreation centres.

I am convinced that there is something in there to help keep you and your family active and healthy this season.

Tammy Toor is a graphics specialist with Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture.