Manager Jennifer Doyle tries out the zip line at WildPlay park in south Nanaimo.

Manager Jennifer Doyle tries out the zip line at WildPlay park in south Nanaimo.

WildPlay takes tourists to the treetops

WildPlay’s four main attractions include bungy jumping the Dragonfly zip lines, a Primal Swing or the Monkido Aerial Adventure course.

WildPlay is located on Nanaimo River Road just off the Island Highway. The park’s four main attractions include bungy jumping from a 46-metre high bridge over the Nanaimo River, using the Dragonfly zip lines, trying out a Primal Swing or meandering through the Monkido Aerial Adventure course.

WildPlay Nanaimo park manager Jennifer Doyle explained that the Monkido Course has something to offer for everyone.

The Monkido course is a made up of four levels that become progressively harder the deeper into the course you get. Each section of the course is colour-coded to indicate the level of difficulty, with green being the easiest and black being the hardest.

It is worth mentioning that once you begin there is no turning back until you reach the end of each level.

Green and Blue: The green and blue levels are straightforward. The green course begins at about two metres off the ground and forces you to walk across a wooden bridge and then zip line onto obstacles that slightly increase in difficulty.

Red: Beginning at approximately 10 metres above the ground and reaching high as 16 metres, the red level offers terrific views of the parkland and surrounding area while testing your endurance and balance. Throughout the red level, you’ll encounter all kinds of interesting obstacles, such as zip lines, rope swings, lines, a Tarzan-style rope swing, wooden barrels and other obstacles and is the perfect mixture of fun and challenging.

Black: The black level is by far the most difficult portion of the Monkido course. It easily tests your upper body strength, endurance, balance and stamina. The level begins by forcing you to climb up to the highest point in the course at 18 metres. Once you reach the top, you have to walk on a long thin wire before encountering the toughest portion of the course. The course finishes with a series of long zip lines that provide plenty of outstanding views.

The entire Monkido course takes approximately two hours to complete and provides a great mental and physical workout. Whether you go as an individual, with a group of friends or as part of a co-worker outing, the Monkido course is worth the experience.

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