Teamwork a true testament to News Bulletin’s success

NANAIMO - Readers demand highest quality from newspaper staff

The success of a newspaper is directly related to the loyalty of its readers.

Strong readership is not easily earned and definitely not easy to retain, yet it has been a constant at the News Bulletin – since day one when Roy Linder and Tom Thomas first took the idea of publishing a strong community newspaper in Nanaimo (and region) to David Black, 25 years ago.

Loyal News Bulletin readers are very demanding, and rightly so. They expect reporting to be accurate, fair and timely.  I receive compliments almost daily about the excellent job our editorial staff does in reporting the news of the region.

They, along with members of our production, sales and administrative team, win numerous awards every year for their talent and efforts and for this reason the Bulletin remains a strong voice in this community.

The paper enjoys a solid relationship with the Nanaimo business community as well as the many non-profit organizations and charities it supports every year. We thank these Nanaimo businesses and organizations for their continued support.

The Bulletin reaches 32,000-plus homes, three times a week and the fact that it carries 90 per cent of the major retail flyers in the marketplace is a strong testimonial to the results to be gained through advertising in the News Bulletin.

Strong readership leads to successful results for any advertising campaign.

I’ve been fortunate to be the publisher of the News Bulletin for the past six-plus years and am continually impressed by the hard work of our employees and the pride and dedication they take in putting together the pages of every issue.

Most of our employees were here when I arrived and some have been here from the beginning – a great testament to the great work environment and culture that is the News Bulletin. We also thank our busy circulation office, carriers and drivers for their hard work and diligence every week – especially on rainy days.

As long as the residents of Nanaimo and area continue to read newspapers, the Bulletin will continue to land on their doorsteps, bringing to every home in the area, the important news of the week. We thank you all for your support of the past 25 years.

Maurice Donn


Nanaimo News Bulletin