Grunge style is making a comeback this fall

Grunge style is making a comeback this fall

Grunge style makes a comeback

NANAIMO – Rock look softened with rhinestones and silks.

The ’90s grunge trend is staging a comeback this fall, but this time expect it to rock more luxury, says Luisa Rino, fashion stylist for Woodgrove Centre.

“I still see oversized denim, slip dresses and layering but … the execution has gone up a notch,” said Rino, former west coast correspondent for Flare Magazine and fashion editor at Real Weddings Magazine.

“You see the same grunge plaid, but … in silks instead of cotton and flannel.”

Fall fashion is carrying more than one trend this year, from monochromatic outfits to thick-heeled ankle boots and tunic-style dresses. But the oversized, layered grunge look seems to be making a big resurgence with its drop-shouldered cocoon coats and chunky jewelry.

The big coats are “really big,” according to Rino, who said they are perfect for layering.

“The trend is actually to wear two coats. You would get this [cocoon] coat and have a lighter-weight coat underneath that you can leave on with your outfit,” she said, adding people could layer the cuffs and collars.

Retailers are also bringing in the chunky “rapper-meets-grunge inspired” chain link jewelry. But Rino said women should pick just one statement piece. Don’t layer them on “as if you are some crazy East L.A rapper. The new grunge is more refined,” she said.

The oversized, layered look is also about choosing one pop-out element to mix with more tailored and form-fitting clothes. Try wearing skinny jeans with rhinestone-embellished ankle boots, a tartan blazer, a chain link choker and cocoon jacket.

Women will also be fall-ready with turtle necks, tunic-style dresses and cashmere sweaters in colours like emerald green, heather grey and maroon. Carrie-Ann Dugan, an employee with Nanaimo’s Quintessential clothing store, says local shoppers are opting for a more casual and comfortable look this fall, with “lots of leggings” and layered, textured looks.

“The biggest thing I am noticing is the boot and the layering with the boot and socks,” she said, adding the  school-girl-high socks just peek over the top. “Dresses are big too in tunic styles [like from Spicy Sugar or Kensie].”

With so many trends this season, shoppers have more choice about what they add to their wardrobes. But don’t feel like you have to get it all, said Nanaimo’s Jen Wynia, author of the Glitter Sunday blog (

“[Our outfits show] people who you are, so you don’t have to use every single trend,” she said. “It’s about making parts of it work together for you in different ways.”

Wynia says she prefers the “classic look” over grunge, like coloured skinny jeans, coats with leather detailing and bold jewelry.